ACB upgrade – 2 Mill Street, Perth

Scope of project:

2 Mill Street in Perth’s CBD is a 12-storey, A-grade commercial building. Infrared Services were engaged by the property manager to replace an aging and faulty 2500amp air circuit breaker (ACB) located in the site main switchboard.

Due to the age of the circuit breaker and switchboard, it was necessary to carefully measure and custom fabricate a bus bar arrangement to convert the installation to accept a new Schneider Masterpact ACB. On paper, this looks to be a complex process yet our skilled team is used to handling this sort of work, and the end result reflected their expertise in this area.

For all this, we did face other challenges, but yet again, we were successful in dealing with them. They included:

–  Liaising with the network operator for a planned power outage during the replacement phase of the project.

–  Adhering to very tight deadlines to minimise the power disruption to the building while the changeover was completed. Our planning and project management was key in helping us stick to the strict schedule.

2 Mill Street represents another successful assignment for Infrared Services, and another happy client. Completed on time and on budget with a project value of approximately $25k.