LED stands for light-emitting diode. This type of lighting has a number of significant advantages over conventional lighting: it can be used in both low-bay and high-bay areas, it is longer lasting, very durable and, thanks to some big improvements over the last decade, it is even more energy efficient.

These benefits are welcome in any situation, but they become even more evident in larger industrial and commercial environments. Most of the lighting in these settings is required to stay on for longer periods of time, especially in comparison to domestic dwellings, and this is where LED lighting comes into its own.

LED lighting uses around 75% less electricity than conventional lighting to produce the same amount of light, according to the statistics on this energy rating site: http://energyrating.gov.au/products/lighting. On an industrial and commercial level, this energy efficiency can mean huge savings.

Infrared Services specialises in LED lighting design, specification, and installation. With the Australian Government planning to phase out incandescent light bulbs and a range of halogen light bulbs by September 2020, our expertise in LED lighting will see us become involved in more projects similar to these.

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