At Infrared Services we are proud to have earned our reputation as WA’s most trusted commercial and industrial electrical contractors by setting new standards in safety and client satisfaction.

We service clients ranging from small local businesses through to large national and multi-national corporations. We provide a 24/7 emergency call out service and can have a technician on site within 2 hours for high priority jobs in the Perth metro area.

Our full range of commercial electrical services is outlined below.

  • Installation of new single and 3 phase power circuits
  • Addition of single and 3 phase power outlets to existing circuits
  • Installation of new residual current devices (RCDs)
  • Retrofitting of residual current devices (RCDs) to existing switchboards
  • Switchboard upgrades and replacements
  • Installation of emergency lighting luminaries and exit signs in accordance with AS2293.2
  • Mains and sub-mains upgrades
  • All commercial and retail lighting
  • All industrial lighting, including high bay and floodlighting
  • LED lighting installations; including retrofitting existing installations with new energy efficient LED technology

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting solutions are a smart and economical choice for several reasons. By moving away from traditional halogen and fluorescent lighting and choosing an LED solution instead, you can quickly enjoy significant savings by reducing costs associated with:

  1. Power consumption: In many buildings and on many work sites, lighting accounts for as much as 50% of total energy consumption. Switching to LED lighting can result in energy savings of up to 90% on lighting, which translates to a saving of up to 45% on your total energy bill
  2. Labour: Because LED lights last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting solutions, they don’t need to be replaced as often which means you will enjoy significant savings on labour costs. Imagine only having to change your lights once every 10 years!

According to Australian Standard AS2293.1 and the Building Code of Australia, public buildings must be fitted with battery-powered exit signs and emergency lighting luminaries to facilitate safe and easy evacuation from the building in the event of a power outage.

The person in control of the workplace is required to ensure a regular testing and maintenance program is implemented so signs and luminaries continue to function properly in the event of an evacuation following a power failure.

You must keep records of these tests and be able to provide them to a Worksafe Inspector within 24 hours of request.

Our team of experienced tradesmen is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure the continuity of our client’s business operations. We can be on most Perth metropolitan sites within hours and 24 hours on most regional sites.           

Our team of experienced communications technicians can assist with all your telephony, data cabling and infrastructure requirements. From installing a single additional data point, through to building a complete structured cabling system from the ground up (including fibre optic), we’ve got you covered.

We have extensive experience servicing, installing and maintaining high (>1kV) and low voltage (<1kV) switchgear and transformers. Our team of experienced operators can:

  • Assist with building ‘black-out’ and generator load testing
  • Service low voltage Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) from all manufacturers
  • Repair and replace low voltage ACBs from all manufacturers
  • Service high voltage Ring Main Units (RMUs), switchgear and transformers
  • Repair and replace high voltage RMUs, switchgear and transformers
  • Carry out ultrasonic partial discharge testing of high voltage RMUs, switchgear and transformers
  • Carry out transformer oil testing and regeneration

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Our project management team understands the importance of minimising the disruption caused by switchboard and supply upgrades. We are committed to ensuring all upgrade projects, big or small, are completed on time, on budget and with minimal downtime. Importantly, we have the ability to provide clients with temporary power to their site during switchboard changeovers.

Poor power quality and power factor in large electrical systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year in excess energy costs and result in overloading, premature equipment failure and major inconvenience. Infrared Services provides clients with power data logging and can help you develop solutions to improve power quality and reduce your energy costs.

Australian Standard AS3012 states that it is now mandatory that testing and tagging be carried out on all electrical appliances used on construction, demolition and mining sites in accordance with AS3760:2010.

Even if your organisation does not specifically mandate it, OHS laws place a duty of care on employers to provide a workplace for their employees that is electrically safe and free of hazards. 

Carrying out regular testing and tagging of your electrical appliances to Australian Standard AS3760:2010 is an excellent way of proving to regulators, and to your employees, that you take electrical safety seriously and are fully committed to your providing a safe, hazard free workplace.

Worksafe Regulation 3.60 requires that any Residual Current Devices (RCDs) used within the workplace must be tested at regular intervals, as per Australian standard AS3760 (this excludes construction, demolition and mining sites which are covered under Australian Standard AS3012 and require more frequent testing). 

AS3760 states that testing of RCDs must be carried out every six months. You must keep records of these tests and be able to provide them to a Worksafe Inspector within 24 hours of request. 

The Regulation (3.60) states that it is the responsibility of, ‘the person in control of the workplace’ to ensure compliance with the standard. In tenanted areas of commercial or industrial buildings this person is usually the tenant. In common areas, this person is usually the building owner or manager.

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Clipsal C-Bus (often referred to as ‘smart wiring’) gives you ultimate control of lighting and building services by turning your entire electrical system into an intelligent digital network. It’s reliable, intuitive, user friendly and very cost effective

C-Bus gives you access to features such as:

  • Real time scheduling and timer control –program lighting scenes for particular times of the day and particular days of the week
  • Reduce your electricity bills and help protect the environment by programming lights to come on when it’s overcast and turn off when the sun is shining (this is know as ‘daylight harvesting’)
  • Programming lights to switch on automatically when a room is occupied and switch off when it’s empty
  • Ability to control audio and video functions in multiple rooms
  • Thermostat and air-conditioning control
  • Access control
  • Control of monitoring systems
  • Integration with third party OPC systems

You can control your C-bus network in a number of ways, including through your smartphone. It’s simple, easy to use, and fully scalable – you can use it in a one-bedroom apartment or to control every room in a 70 storey building.

When it comes to providing electrical services and solutions, we understand the most important thing for our clients is minimising disruption to your business and wherever possible, avoiding any downtime.

Contact Infrared Services today for more information on how we can provide a tailored solution for your business or to obtain a quote.  

Our team of technicians has extensive experience designing, testing, installing and maintaining lightning protection and Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).