Power doesn’t always fail during business hours. Outages can happen at any time, and an urgent out-of-hours response is often required. Infrared Services electrical emergency breakdown service can provide that response, and a quick resolution.

We currently offer 24/7 on-call emergency electrical services for a variety of blue-chip property management companies throughout Western Australia. These prestigious companies include Knight Frank, Jones Lang LaSalle, Savills, and CBRE, and they all trust Infrared Services to be there quickly when an emergency response is required.

The issues we commonly deal with range from minor to major. It could be something as small as tripped RCDs and faulty light switches preventing tenants from meeting deadlines, or as large as a complete building power outage which requires the provision of temporary generator power for several days. Whatever the size of the issue, Infrared Services has a team of licensed professionals ready to take action at short notice.

To give you a more specific idea of what we do, here are two recent notable examples of our emergency electrical services:

35 Outram Street in West Perth. A homeless person set fire to the transformer at this office complex, interrupting power to our client’s building and all surrounding properties. Western Power was unable to provide an estimated restoration date – it was originally forecast it could take days or even weeks. We had a 500kVA generator delivered to the site and the building was back up and running within four hours while Western Power completed emergency repairs to their equipment

Dog Swamp Shopping Centre in Yokine, Perth. Western Power needed to complete urgent maintenance on their equipment overnight and the centre required an electrical contractor to provide temporary power at short notice to minimise disruption to their tenants. We organised and deployed a temporary diesel generator and ensured there was little disruption to the centre’s normal operations.

These are just two examples of our emergency responses. However, we’re also happy to help you avoid such emergencies by dealing with warning signs that indicate a failure is imminent. Things like burning odours, flickering lights, circuit breakers which haven’t been inspected for some time, and faulty or frayed wires should be checked before things escalate.

When an emergency electrical breakdown service is required, Infrared Services stands ready to react as soon as we receive the call. We invite you to find out more about this service, for your peace of mind, and for the protection of your valuable asset.

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