Infrared Services are known throughout Perth as switchboard upgrade and installation specialists. We offer a complete range of services associated with switchboard and supply upgrades. Whatever you require in this area, you can be assured that we can help you regardless of your request.

For example, we can upgrade your existing switchboard to prevent short circuits, or resolve any other issues related to your switchboard. For your peace of mind, and safety, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you can; a switchboard inspection will identify potential hazards and reduce faults before things escalate into a dangerous situation.

The process is simple, and will cause minimal disruption, if any at all. Thanks to our thermal scanning technology, your equipment doesn’t need to be pulled apart or disconnected in order for it to be tested. This inspection will help us detect things such as faulty fuses, damaged switches, defective equipment, imbalanced circuits, overloads and loose connections. By identifying these things now, we can take steps to ensure your safety, and protect your property. On-going and long-term preventative maintenance of your switchboard will continue to keep you safe.

Infrared Services can point to a variety of successful projects as proof of our expertise with switchboards and supply upgrades.

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