ACB upgrade – Livingston Marketplace, Canning Vale

Scope of project:

Livingston Marketplace is a medium-sized shopping centre located in the eastern suburbs of Perth. We were engaged as the electrical contractor by the client’s electrical consultant to replace two faulty transformer incomer air circuit breakers (ACBs) in the site’s main switchboard.

We sourced and installed custom fabricated installation kits and replacement circuit breakers. In doing so, we dramatically reduced the cost of the repair and shutdown time in comparison to the solutions being proposed by competing bids.

Every project presents challenges, and we’re well used to managing them. For this particular contract, we had to deal with the following:

– The shopping centre had to continue trading while work was completed. To overcome this challenge, temporary generator power totalling 2.5MVA was deployed and connected to the site’s main switchboard during very short (less than one hour) shutdown windows late at night.

– Due to residential properties being located nearby, it was also necessary to deploy effective noise management solutions. For example, we had to avoid noise pollution from our generators which had the potential to disturb the residents in neighbouring houses. Our noise management plans resulted in a great outcome for us, and everyone living in the vicinity of the marketplace.

This project was completed on time, and on budget. Downtime for the shopping centre was measured at less than 60 minutes total across the entire project. The total project value, including temporary power, was approximately $75k.