Carpark lighting – Banksia Grove Shopping Village, Perth

Scope of project:

This property is a mid-sized shopping centre located in Perth’s northern suburbs. The client wanted to improve the quality of the lighting in the external carpark areas, and an electrical contractor was required to specify and install a solution which would meet this goal.

Drawing on our vast experience with projects of a similar nature, Infrared Services was able to provide a number of potential options to the client. They eventually selected an LED option which resulted in a significant quality upgrade with the added bonus of reduced energy consumption; in the case of the external carpark lighting at Banksia Grove Shopping Village, this reduction was approximately 70%.

As the carpark was required to remain operational for the convenience and safety of the centre’s customers, Infrared Services needed to carry out all installation work outside of business hours. As we often work on contracts where disruption has to be kept to an absolute minimum, we were more than happy to comply with this request and the project was completed in an unobtrusive fashion.

We were able to successfully deliver this lighting project at Banksia Grove Shopping Village for a budget of approximately $35k.