Embedded metering network conversion – Adelaide House, 200 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

Scope of electrical project:

This property is a 7-storey “B” grade commercial office building located in Perth’s CBD. To provide increased energy revenue for the owner of the building, the client identified a requirement to convert from a multiple-master metering arrangement to an embedded meter network. With our experience completing projects of a similar nature, we were asked to carry out this electrical network conversion.

As the nominated electrical contractor, Infrared Services worked closely with the engineering consultant and network operator (Western Power) to convert the 1600amp site main switchboard in order to accommodate Western Power CT metering. We replaced approximately 40 kWh meters throughout the building with new NMI-pattern approved electricity meters.

As you’d expect, a project of this large scale wasn’t without its challenges:

  • All work was to be completed within a single 12-hour power outage.
  • Work had to be done in conjunction with Western Power, the network operator. This required a high degree of collaboration and time management.
  • To reduce disruption to the tenants, all fabrication was undertaken off-site and in-house in order to reduce the building shutdown time to an absolute minimum.

In spite of these challenges, Infrared Services was able to successfully complete this electrical network conversion assignment, with a project value of approximately $50k.