Site main switchboard upgrade – Mercyville Hostel, Craigie

Mercyville Hostel is an aged care facility located in Perth’s northern suburbs. The existing site main switchboard was dilapidated, and the risk it posed to residents and staff meant that urgent replacement was required. Infrared Services was asked to manage this much-needed switchboard upgrade, so we scoped and designed a replacement site main switchboard as soon as possible.

We liaised with Western Power to arrange a power outage while the switchboard was being replaced. Obviously, the aged care facility had to remain operational during the planned power outage and replacement of the switchboard, so it was necessary for us to provide temporary generator power while the work was completed. We’re used to providing generator power when required, so this part of the process was handled easily.

At all times, we remained mindful of reducing the impact on everyone living at Mercyville. The switchboard was changed over in a single day, with minimal disruption to normal power services, and to the Hostel’s residents.

Infrared Services was able to scope, design, and install a safe switchboard for Mercyville Hostel at a project value of approximately $25k.

If you’re in need of a switchboard upgrade and looking for a qualified and experienced electrical contractor, contact Infrared Services today.