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Power analysis and energy management

Power logging and energy management

Unmetered power usage, poor power factor and poor power quality in a commercial or industrial environment can all cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue or unrecoverable expenses. High levels of unmetered power can also result in reduced NABERS star ratings and a building that is less attractive to environmentally conscious tenants.

Infra Red Services has a proven track record in assisting clients in locating the source of unmetered or lost power and rectifying the underlying issues quickly, efficiently and with little or no down time. We have considerable experience in energy management investigations and metering installations, repairs and upgrades and can assist you in ensuring your electrical metering system is reliable, accurate and comprehensive.

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High voltage thermographic and ultrasonic inspections

Regular condition monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the continuous safe and reliable operation of high voltage installations. Infra Red Services has extensive experience in both thermographic and ultrasonic testing of HV switchyards and substations and can assist you in developing and implementing an ongoing inspection programme tailored specifically to your requirements.

We also offer collection and testing of insulating oil samples to further compliment your maintenance programme and provide additional insight into the operating condition of your high energy assets.

High voltage switchyard

Case Study – Thermography

Neutral fault in a UPS distribution board

This issue was detected during regular routine inspections of a newly constructed building in the Perth CBD and is a great example of the fact that even very new equipment has the potential to fail catastrophically.

Because the problem was detected before an electrical fault condition was able to develop it was able to be rectified immediately and no unscheduled downtime or damage to expensive critical equipment occurred.

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UPS DB neutral fault

Non Destructive Testing and Electrical Solutions in Perth

For more than 20 years Infra Red Services has provided non-destructive testing (NDT) services to clients throughout Western Australia. We are also a leading commercial and industrial electrical contractor offering specialized services such as thermal imaging inspections (thermography), LED lighting solutions, RCD and emergency light compliance testing, Clipsal C-Bus smart wiring and automation and portable appliance testing and tagging (PAT).


As a fully licensed electrical and data contractor we also offer a full range of associated services including electrical and data installations, upgrades and maintenance and 24/7 emergency breakdown service.


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Power analysis and energy management


At Infra Red Services we take energy management seriously. We have helped numerous clients locate and rectify problems with lost / unmetered power and would be delighted to offer you the same assistance. If you are looking for a highly experienced commercial electrician in Perth with the knowledge and expertise to track down the sources of lost power and to tackle the underlying problems swiftly and efficiently, you have come to the right place.


Other Services


In addition to energy management, we provide all the standard services that you would expect from a premier industrial electrician in Perth. From LED lighting installations to thermal imaging inspections and appliance testing and tagging, we have you covered. We also offer emergency light and RCD testing and repair services to clients in all areas of the city.


Always at your service


We understand how expensive downtime can be in factories and other commercial premises, which is why we are happy to provide all of our clients with a 24-hour emergency breakdown service. If you need an electrician in Perth who will always be there to help and who offers a comprehensive range of services, choose Infra Red. We can meet all of your needs.

Services Overview


Thermal imaging inspections for electrical installations, mechanical equipment, refractory, energy management, high voltage and more

Commercial and industrial electricians

Full service electrical contractors providing new installations, maintenance and emergency breakdown service

LED lighting solutions

Specialists in energy efficient lighting solutions - saving you time, money and hassle

Emergency light testing

Emergency light testing, repairs and installations to AS2293

RCD testing

Residual current device (RCD) testing and repairs in accordance with AS3760:2010

Appliance testing and tagging

Portable appliance testing and tagging (PAT testing) to AS3760:2010 with electronic reporting