Commercial Project: Maintenance and service of low voltage ACBs and building “black out” testing at One William, Perth

One William is a recently refurbished “A” grade commercial office building located in the heart of Perth’s CBD. We are engaged on a 12-monthly basis to complete best practice Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) maintenance at this location, as well as carry out testing and inspections of the ABB Sace and Schneider Masterpact circuit breakers.

This on-going contract at One William presents us with several challenges. Two of the more notable issues we face on a regular basis include:

– Carefully coordinating and managing a building shutdown programme. A shutdown is necessary in order for us to test and prove out all aspects of the building’s backup power generator system whilst ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to normal operations. Our planning and project management experience allows us to establish a workable routine in this respect.

– Coordinating and supervising work throughout the building carried out by multiple different trades throughout the shutdown.

We’re highly proficient at managing these complex situations, which allows us to complete these tasks with a minimum of disruption and delay, and fulfil our contractual obligations to the highest of standards.